About Us

Our Company Background

E2Energy Inc is a global oil, energy and commodities trading company with a strong presence in the Americas, the Middle East and Asia. The company is an authorized representative or mandate of oil refineries. At the same time, the company works with large volume buyers in securing critical oil and energy supplies to fulfill their continuing needs.

E2Energy is an established force in 2 core business sectors: Oil & Petroleum Products and Commodities. Our management team is comprised of highly trained professionals with many years of experience in oil financing, trading, brokering, real estate, investments, risk management and strategic planning and implementation.

From its beginnings

E2Energy has remained true to its fundamental belief that mutually rewarding business relationships are built from a solid foundation of understanding the requirements of the parties involved.

In the chaotic world of oil and commodity trading, confounded by a plethora of brokers and scams, E2Energy has held steadfastly to its Core Values and guiding principles for success. These principles apply to all our daily business affairs and describe the behavior expected of every employee in our organization: